For Living in Style

For Living in Style

Turn your weekends into holidays, let yourself be pampered with comfort in the MOLO Lipno Resort, which also features a five-star hotel with concierge services, a premium spa and a restaurant with an international cuisine. Other inherent features are a membership in the private MOLO club or important details, such as underground parking, adapted for both sports cars and SUVs.


5-star hotel in Resort


The MOLO Lipno Resort will also include a 5-star hotel with fine-dining restaurant, a top wellness center, congress facilities, a private beach club, and first-class services that residents of the resort can enjoy as well. 


Wellness & Spa


The hotel services will also include the luxurious Wellness & Spa with massage and relaxation procedures to give you the energy for a new day.


International cuisine


The resort offers not only informal cafés and bistros, but also a club sitting area on the pier or a first-class restaurant with haute cuisine à la carte.


Wine jewels of the world


Our sommelier is preparing a wine collection with a careful selection of wines not only from around the world, but also the exceptional ones from South Moravia, Austria and Germany.


Molo Beach Club


Within the hotel, there will be the stylish MOLO Beach Club with a swimming pool, sunbeds and services.


Garages ready for SUVs and sports cars


The ramps and entrances are specially designed for low sports car suspensions, and spacious parking spaces can conveniently accommodate large SUVs or L versions of limousines.