The Beauty of Bohemian Forest in Every Step

Beautiful Sumava - Bohemian Forest

Lake Lipno, sometimes also called the "South Bohemian Sea", is surrounded by the Šumava (Black Forest) National Park with deep forests full of century-old trees. Their scent, meadows, valleys lost at the end of the world, bottomless swamps, peat bogs, glacier lakes and horizons full of mountains and hills, birds singing, wildlife encounters – that´s the Šumava.


Cross-country skiing


Between Lipno nad Vltavou and Frymburk, there are almost 40 kilometres of regularly-maintained routes for both the classic and skating style of cross-country skiing.


Discover the surroundings or enjoy the Flowtrail


Enjoy the smooth ground waves and the adrenaline of the banked turns or the lake trips to Frymburk or up to the hills.




Lake Lipno is a heaven for both sports and recreational fishing. You can experience the unique atmosphere on the shore, from the boat on the lake or during winter fishing on a frozen lake.




Grab the wind in the sails and enjoy sailing on the Lipno Lake.


Beautiful countryside of Šumava


The pure and lovely Black Forest, the magical walk to the Plešné Lake, the deep and untouched woods, the Boubín Forest ...