Paradise for active sporting and relaxation

Four seasons at Lipno

Lipno nad Vltavou provides plenty of active relaxation opportunities. The MOLO Lipno Resort is located right next to the Lipno Lake, offering an ideal chance to ride a boat, a jet-ski adrenaline, swimming in the heated swimming pool with a clean and filtered water or just lazing on the lake shore in the MOLO Beach Club.

The popular Treetop Trail (“Stezka v korunách stromů”) is situated in the proximity of the resort. You can enjoy an unusual adrenaline experience here. The unique wooden trail, 372 meters long and going slightly uphill, will lead you to a 40-metre-high wooden tower with the breathtaking views of Lipno and the Black Forest (“Šumava”). To get down, you can make a quick return – take a slide that runs through the centre of the tower. During evening performances, let yourself be carried on the waves of jazz, swing, blues or classical music.

The local cycling paths are a paradise for recreational and sporting cyclists, seeking the excitement of a fast downhill ride through the woods or meadows.

Autumn days can be enjoyed here by walking or picking mushrooms. The heart of the resort, the 150-meter wooden pier, might provide an opportunity not just to walk, but also to fish in the morning.

Lipno also has a very active winter season. Close to the resort, there is a ski slope with a chairlift and a renowned snowboard school. Very well-known and popular is also the “winter Lipno highway” (“zimní lipenská magistrála” – a great place for cross-country skiers who can enjoy cross-country skiing on the lake frozen over and on the surrounding hills and inhale the Black Forest fresh winter air. Evening skating on the lake or on the ice rink of the MOLO Lipno Resort with a champagne bar and hotel catering by the fire will make your evening even more pleasant.


Cross-country skiing


Between Lipno nad Vltavou and Frymburk, there are almost 40 kilometres of regularly-maintained routes for both the classic and skating style of cross-country skiing.


Skiing and snowboarding


The Lipno Ski Resort offers enjoyable skiing on more than 11.8 kilometres of modified slopes with a modern snow system. The 600-metre freestyle snowboard and freeskiing park with the renowned snowboard school.


Ice highway


The world's longest skating track, over 11 kilometres long, is 6.8 meters wide –and it can be used as soon as the lake freezes over to a sufficient thickness.




Lake Lipno is a heaven for both sports and recreational fishing. You can experience the unique atmosphere on the shore, from the boat on the lake or during winter fishing on a frozen lake.


Horse riding


The equestrian clubs near Lipno and Český Krumlov offer instruction, rides to the surroundings and also longer horse riding, which can take even several days.




Grab the wind in the sails and enjoy sailing on the Lipno Lake.


Hiking and Nordic Walking


Set out to the Saint Thomas Mountain (“hora Svatý Tomáš”), to the Alpine Vantage Point (“Alpská vyhlídka”), to the numerous brooks and streams. Walking along the Schwarzenberg Canalor up to the castle called Vítkův Hrádekwill take you through wonderful trails.


Treetop Trail


The unique wooden trail, 372 meters long and going slightly uphill, will lead you to a 40-metre-high wooden tower with the breathtaking views of Lipno and the Black Forest.


Beautiful countryside of Šumave


The pure and lovely Black Forest, the magical walk to the Plešné Lake, the deep and untouched woods, the Boubín Forest ...